22 August 2015

Logitech Anywhere MX - unbalanced wheel fix

I really like inertial (or momentum) scrolling. Most of the time I use trackpads. OS X uses momentum scrolling by default. Unfortunately, sometimes I have to use 3 button mouse for 3D or graphic design. Besides that, there is coding on a Windows machine so scrolling is quite frequent. Being so used to the way of scrolling, it is hard to switch to just standard wheel in a standard mouse.
Logitech makes mice with a Hyper-Fast scrolling wheel. Works great but there is a fairly annoying glitch. The wheel may, after stopping, move slightly. So when you scroll to the right place in a document, you stop, lift your finger and the document scrolls a few more lines. You scroll back, lift the finger and the screen scrolls again.

So I decided to try and fix it. I used a spring to hold the wheel in place. With very little force it should not stop it from spinning. After straightening an old spring from some broken mechanism, I bent it in a way to fit around the wheel holder. I left one end of it touching the wheel’s ax lightly. Then put a drop of silicone grease and voila!

The wheel does not move anymore after stopping. The time it spins freely has reduced but the documents I work with are not that long to require a few seconds of continuous, high speed scrolling.